Monday, April 21, 2008

Mad Jedi Okado

Perhaps I shouldn't call him a Jedi ... maybe he's just a crazy space gremlin. I always thought it would be cool to have an evil brother for Yoda. I call him 'Okado' ... I don't know why, it just sounds cool. This was one of my first digital paintings (done using a mouse, back in 2001) I have since re-worked it a bit ... not all that much actually.

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Retro Rocket Hero Poster

Here's the first promo poster for Retro Rocket Hero. The first comic sampler was released last fall, hopefully issue two will get underway this spring. The photo of RRH has been digitally over-painted, and the large moon is also digital (photoshop). The lunar landscape was ... ummm ..."borrowed" from the great special effects painter Chesley Bonestell.

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Indiana Jones Artifact Poster

This started as a practice sketch/speed painting from a photo of Harrison Ford in the new movie. About 20 hours later, this is how it looks. It's still not quite finished. The surrounding artifacts are from various photos, which have been tweaked in photoshop. The figure of Indy is completely digitally painted ... I had to paint in his legs as they were hidden in the original photo image I painted from.

Please do not use this image without permission from myself and more importantly, Lucasfilm Ltd.


I did this WAY back in 1994 ... it's traditional acrylic/airbrush on 20"x30" illustration board. I managed to get the painting to a Ramones show, met the band, AND had it autographed.

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Vintage Dinosaur 1

I love the old fashioned dinosaur illustrators like Charles Knight and Zdenek Burian. This was coloured in photoshop ... it has a nice watercolour feel to it, I think. I'll be including it in my dinosaur sketchbook if I ever get the money to have it published.

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Bettie's Bomb

The ultimate Hot Rod and the ultimate Pin up girl! This piece took about 8 hrs, done in Photoshop from start to finish.

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Vader vs. Raider

I'm working on a 6-8 page Star Wars comic story ( doing the writing and artwork) for a sample submission. This is the first and last page. My buddy Eduardo pointed out that there probably wouldn't be big, fluffy,
water-filled clouds on a desert planet. He's exactly right, but damn, I like painting fluffy clouds!

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